Russian warship, go fuck yourself

This website targets Russian and Belarus Propaganda Machines and Government websites, we can help stop the root of Propaganda so do it now, #StandWithUkraine and help the cause.

Whilst on '' you are actively participating in the attack on the Russian and Belarus regime, alogn with Propaganda Machines. Eventually the sites listed below will be overloaded with traffic and will become unreachable.

Please note the movement is not on Russian People, but the Government they have and the Propaganda the Kremlin allow to spread in Russia. If you think this is an attack on the Russian Community then rethink your values.

The main goal is to make all Russian and Belarus Government/ Propaganda Machines unreachable to spread misinformation as they have for years and years and got away with it. Stan dup to the evil regime.

Ensure when using this tool you dont use 4G/LTE/5G Networks as it will drain your data and to keep maximum saftey please use a Virtual Private Network. (Pick a good one.)

This table contains all the websites on the attack list and the requests sent to the target. Press F12 and go to Networking for more information on what it's actually doing.